Terms and conditions

1. The translation valuation system is based on the keystrokes found in the source text. A basic unit is a text file including 1500 keystrokes (characters + spaces included) for technical and specific texts, 1800 keystrokes for literature texts. Additional services, like legalization, summary, transcription etc. will be added to the translation valuation.
The international valuation system of translation is usually based on words unit instead.
Approximate rates: 18.00 Euro per each text file or 0.06 Euro per word according to the source text complexity.
Rates per hour: from 25,00 to 30,00 Euros.

2. The translation, interpreting or consulting task should be entrusted by contract or equal document containing all the information on costs, delivering, payment conditions and deadlines as well as additional services.
3. With regard to telephone interpreting or linguistic assistance per e-mail or fax, the costs will be agreed with the customer according to the amount of work done and the time needed.
4. The payment is due on delivery or within 30 days from receipt of the bill, which also includes the National Insurance contribution of 4%, chargeable to the customer, according to Italian D.L. 662/96, art. 1, c. 212.