As regards my work in collaboration with companies in the fields of tourism and rural tourism, I do offer the following services:
1 – Linguistic assistance supplied to the clients of accommodation facilities concerning accommodation requests and information.
2 – Management of texts, data input and marketing in different languages on specific Internet websites. Possible management of the companies’ websites.
3 – Linguistic assistance supplied to customers by e-mail or telephone.
4 – Accommodation facilities advertising to potential foreign customers in different languages;
5 – Linguistic assistance supplied to customers before their arrival and during their stay in the mentioned accommodation facilities by telephone, e-mail or fax.
6 – Telephone interpreting;

7 – Interpreting service in meetings with customers on the purpose to show them the facilities offered by a certain accommodation and the surrounding area;
8 – Photo show of an accommodation facility including captions and specific information translated into different languages.
9 – Translation of information and advertising texts concerning the facilities.
10 – Translation of tourist and specific information which may be useful to the accommodation customers.

Sworn translations

A sworn translation is a legal document required either for documents or certificates which have to be supplied to foreign authorities. In order to confirm the truth and accuracy of his work, the translator has to swear an oath before a notary or the local Prefecture, where the document is to be registered.